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6 thoughts on “*evie* Store Competition

  1. *evie* says:

    Some suggestions sent to me from Sparrow Marais!

    Summer’s Eve
    Soupçon (mean, a little bit in French and sounds like Soup’s On)
    J. B. & Co. (for your daughters)
    Olwen’s Dream
    Rhiannon (also drawing from Welsh)
    Cariad (love in Welsh) – considering finding your husband here :-)
    Hart’s Leap / Forge / Crossing / Forest / Woods / Meet

    Thank you Sparrow

  2. Fianna says:

    Heart Shine (play on Hartshon)
    On a side note, I’d stay away from Summers Eve – that’s the name of a feminine hygiene product in North America … lol

    I’ll post again if I think up more…

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