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Save Hybrid & Iki

Hybrid Ansar owner of Savoir Faire Shapes, Tendrils Hair and Not Too Shabby Prefabs and Ikaru Aichi owner of Violent Seduction were falsely  accused of copybotting after reporting another avatar  for copybotting Ikaru’s sculpts. Hybrid & Ikaru were both banned from SL and it’s been a month now since it happened and Linden Labs still haven’t sorted it out. Linden Labs don’t seem to be doing anything about it

See more on this website: Save Hybrid & Iki

I don’t know the full story, only what’s on that website, all I know is that LL are idiots. Please leave a comment on there to show your support, I don’t know how much good it will do, LL will probably just ignore it. No harm in trying.

Thank you Jemima for setting the website up.


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