Second Life

I forgot my onions oO

I got my baguettes but I forgot my onions! *cries* Oh well, they make my eyes sting and makes my breath stink so nevermind! :P I didn’t intentionally go for a french theme, it just ‘happened‘. I saw the baguettes on Mizk wam‘s blog ( I love her blog btw, full of free stuff) and HAD to buy them! I got them from Tree & Ocean SL Main Store (TOSL) for 0L \o/ The top and high waisted pants are from Willow and were the prize for The Unknown Hunt (The hunt Brandy Birge and myself organised! The Unknown Hunt Halloween starts October 9th)

The hair & hat are from TSUKIJI W&Y , it’s one of the prizes for the Takumi Treasure Hunt 2010 (I don’t know when the hunt ends)

The skin is one of the latest releases from Tres Blah which I lurve cos of the colour of the lips! The freckles on the face are a tattoo layer that came with the skin. The boots, from Sand Shack Surf Co., are one on the latest additions to my inventory. These are awesome boots cos you can change the colour of the legwarmers, the top part and bottom part can be different colours! I added the bag cos my arm looked a bit empty, plus I needed somewhere to put my girly magazine that I love! It’s the agony aunt pages I love the best ‘My boyfriend snores, it’s driving me crazy! I don’t know what to do, what should I do?‘ Nope that’s not me, tho my bf does snore! oO

Anyways shurrup evie!



Skin- Tres Blah ‘Jejune Cherry’ & freckles’

Shape- *evie* ‘Bella’ (500L)

Eyes- Cats of a Feather ‘Hazel Eyes ’08’ (Were freebies but dunno if they are still there)

Top & pants- Willow ‘Bow Shirt & High waisted Polka dot shorties’ (Hunt prize)

Socks- Shiny Things ‘Knit Knee Socks Charcoal’ (99L)

Shoes- Sand Shack Surf Co – Elsa Boots – Light Gray (200L)

Bag- Tres Blah ‘Tote bag’ ‘Group welcome gift’

Baguettes- Tree & Ocean SL Main Store ‘Bag of Baguettes’ (0L)

Poses- ORACUL-Aurora Girl AO (300L I think)