Grey Roses

Hai! Finally a fashion post! \o/ Hope your all feeling fabulous today! So lately my time has been spent with my SL kids, Bella and Jess, so my shop and blogging have been neglected. Anyways this post isn’t about my kids or shop, this one is about this totally random outfit that I put together yesterday. Hope you like it :P


Hair – Posh ‘Rosey Love; Jet Black’ (The Rumour sim gift)

Shape – *evie* ‘Bella’ (500L)

Skin – Pink Fuel ‘ Ember <Gyaru Skins>’  (300L)

Eyelashes – Cake ‘ Deco Lashes’ (100L)

Eyes – Cats of a Feather ‘Hazel Eyes ’08’ (Free- not sure if they are at the store)

Top – Tyranny Designs ‘Done Up Haltertop- London’ (0L until September 1st then back up to regular price)

Bra – Pididdle ‘Pearl Girl Lingerie- Treasure’  (Not sure is still available)

Jeans – Tyranny Designs ‘ {Class Act in Denim} dark blue’ (Currently 95L until September 1st)

Bag – Tres Blah ‘Tres Blah Tote bag’ (Group Gift)

Necklace – miel ‘OSA Necklace’ (Previous 50L Friday item)

Earrings – chuchulet ‘belle jewelry set’ (1L)


Dismorph ‘Oh The Webs We Weave’ (Store now closed)

Del May ‘Toxic Model’ (40L)

Olive Juice ‘I like When We Called Them Stewardesses’ (35L)