Second Life

Being a kid again

No I have not gone back in time.. tho that would be fun.. like going back in time in the Delorean Time Machine from the Back To The Future films.. how cool would that be?! I wouldn’t mind going back with Marty, he was pretty fit in those films but Michael J. Fox isn’t so good looking now lol

Anyways, the Unwanted Mall Kids Carnival & Bazaar started a week ago (don’t worry you still have time to go there, it ends August 3rd), it has 20+ stores all selling kids stuff, including Sn@tch, glitterbugs, Dork, Sassafras, Inner Peace and Bellies. Ella Silentghost is the organiser and I think she’s done a fabulous job of organising it! Please go check it out cos it’s cool! There is nothing over 50L there and quite a few dollarbies/ freebies! Also have a peek around the mall while your there (I have a satellite store there!)


Hair- [ 69 ] ‘ME- Mocha Collection’

Skin- Mother Goose ‘ Renata SkiN 1L’

Shape- Demi Ellisson (Not for sale)

Dress & shoes- Patchlets ‘Circus Balloon Dress’

Poses by ::{u.f.o}::