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Silly Outfit

Lately I’ve got super bored of blogging hunts and events all the time so I’m going to start blogging random outfits and stuff again. I was talking with Viki yesterday about my blog and she said she is missing my fashion posts because I have such a unique style, so I want to share the unique styles with you! Here are some of my previous wierd outfits- Not So Trashy (published December 1st 2009), Kiwi (published September 10th 2009), Rain Rain (published July 3rd 2009), Racing Stripes (published April 17th 2009). OMG you can see how much Evie has changed over the last year!  (She looks heaps better now) lol

Yesterday we had a Silliest Outfit contest at Cafe Andromeda, so I thought I’d show you it cos it’s soooooo coool and quite silly lol

I just lurve this outfit and it had quite an impact on the VIP’s at the club.


Hair- kin ‘jami. pink’

Skin- Touche ‘Bria Tan Skin Cornflower’

Shape- Noirilicious ‘Ana’

Eyes- Damage ‘Serenity Eyes Brown’ (JFTG prize)

Coat- [GM] & *mocorin* ‘KIGURUMI ROBO’

Skirt- amerie ‘LOC_ skirt (black)’

Leggings- amerie ‘Green Apple Leggings’ (part of ‘Zingy Skirt (white skulls)’ )

Boots- *mocorin* ‘Rainboots ichigo’

Lollipop- Lolapop ‘Angry Blue Popsicle’

Bandaid- diapop ‘band fleur’

Dance- There In Spirit ‘Buttweiser’