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Playing Catch Up With Tyranny D.

A week or so ago Tyr Rozenblum, owner of Tyranny Designs asked me if I would like to be on her bloggers list, of course I said yes! (Thank you Tyr) I get review items and she gets her creations shown on my blog, sounds like a good plan to me. As this is the first time she’s sent me a review pack, there are items that are already for sale and recently released items. So this is playing catch up.

There is one thing I have to say before I continue. I kindly asked Tyr if she would allow my dear friend and fellow blogger VikiRose to be on her bloggers list. Tyr asked for her blog url, so I gave it to her. Tyr then said that she’d looked at Viki’s blog and decided that she’d decline Viki because Viki has blogged freebies and cheap items. Viki does blog bargain items, but she also features full price items and has infact blogged some of Tyr’s clothing. Now, to me, that doesn’t seem fair. As you guys know I blog alot of hunts, which is free stuff right? So how does that work? I’m accepted even though I blog hunts, and Viki is declined because she blogs freebies. Tyr told me that she doesn’t like her clothing posted on blogs that include freebies because it attracts the wrong people, apparently having freebies and dollarbies in your store brings in the wrong crowd (surely any crowd is good) and that it draws copybotters in, err aren’t copybotters likely to go for the full price items rather than something that costs 0L? Jeez if I didn’t have dollarbies or take part in hunts noone would know about my store. Maybe I don’t understand because I’m not as ‘SLfamous’ or an ‘SLebrity’ like Tyr is. Don’t get me wrong, I think Tyr is awesome and her clothing is fabulous, but I seriously don’t understand her way of thinking. If you would like to read what Viki had to say about this whole issue, she wrote a blog post about it.

So anyways thats my rant over. On to Tyr’s items!

{Classless} (Blue, Pink, Violet)

{ I <3 Tentacles} (Rose & Dove)   /  {The Union} (Smog, The Pinks)

{A’shore} (Lipstick, Moss, Sky, Twilight)

{Side Tracked} (Black, Pink)

{Summer Fling} (Grey, Brick, Sun) / {Day Glo}

{Class act in denim} ( Brown, Dark Blue) / {Cropped Tanks} (egg shell, Bimbo) / {Taking it easy tops} (Sky, Egg shell, Redlight)

Also worn:

Hair- ‘Brande. 2 browns’

Skin- Pink Fuel ‘Ember <Gyaru Skins> Nudey’

Shape- Noirilicious ‘Ana’

Eyes- Damage ‘Serenity Eyes Brown’

Shoes- ty zvezda ‘Dollypumps’

Poses from makurin, Dismorph & Olive Juice