Second Life

My Favourite Blogs

So someone on Plurk mentioned it would be cool if someone did a post with links to different blogs, so these are my favourites blogs. Personally I like ones with variety, not ones that are just fashion feeds. I also want to tell you why I like them so much.

OMG!!!. Viki features affordable items for people that don’t want to spend much money, she does Fashion On A Budget posts, and blogs hunt items. This is a good blog to find bargains in SL.

Kiss Kiss With Khitten Kurka . Khitten is a plus size avatar, and she’s proud of it. She is an inspiration to me. She blogs some gorgeous outfits, some items that she already has in her inventory, and some new additions. However the way she does her images with the RL background isnt to my taste, but as you know most of mine have white backgrounds.

Finding Fashion SL. This is a blog I have only just discovered. It is a community blog, there are several different authors. The purpose for this blog is to introduce people to new stores, and for showing bargains.

Fab Free. This blog is perfect for newbies or people that don’t have much money, or just like bargains. I also like this blog because I’m on their blogroll as a designer \o/ lol There is one thing that annoys me, some of the pictures aren’t that great, mainly due to the way the avi looks.

SLexy Fashionista I love this blog because it is fun, colourful, funny and Teshan is just adorable.

More coming soon :P