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Harajuku Box Skin Fair & Pink Fuel Skins

Earlier today I was having a look through the recent uploads from my Flickr contacts, and noticed that Mochi Milena, owner of Pink Fuel had posted a pic of her new skin range called Ember <Gyaru Skins>. If you’ve only just started reading my blog, you should know that I am completely OBSESSED with Pink Fuel skins, like REALLY obsessed with them, especially the Raine range  (I own 4 of the packs lol), so expect to see Mochi’s skins in most of my fashion posts \o/

So anyways, Mochi had written about the Harajuku Box Skin Fair and that she had made the Gyaru Skins for the fair (they will be at her mainstore after the fair incase you miss them!) I was just at the fair, standing in front of her cart, opening my pixel purse to buy the skins, when suddenly a blue alert thing popped down saying that Mochi Milena had sent me the Gyaru Skins! She IM’d me and said they were a thank you for the amount of times I’ve used her skins in my blog! I was like OMG \o/ There are 4 himegyaru inspired makeups and one ganguro makeup in the skin range. Packs are 400L each and include 12 different face stickers & light & dark brow options. The fatpack is 1500L  and that’s what she sent me :) You can see the pic on her Flickr.

Oh I have to mention the other stores because it’s not just Pink Fuel in the fair! There is also 5th& Oxford, The Seahole, Miasnow, Knock Knock, Bounce, League, Acid & Mala, Gauze, Demon Cake, Trap, Unpredictable, Splashing Doll and My Ugly Dorothy. There are normal human avi skins and fantasy ones for the more adventurous avis :)

Skins left- right

1- Ember

2- Ember Ganguru  Nudey

3- Ember Ganguru Pinky

4- Ember Ganguru Sea

5- Ember Ganguru Violet

6- Heart Stickers (dk blue)- 9 colours

7- Star Stickers- 3 colours

Also worn-

Shape- Noirilicious ‘Novita’

Hair-  ‘Brande.2 – Thoughtful Brown’

Eyes- Damage ‘Serenity Brown’


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