Second Life

Retro Spectacular

The Retro Spectacular event is a Benefit for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). You can read more about NAMI via their website.  The event features live DJ’s and Performers, Vendors, Date Auctions, Kissing Booths, Karaoke, Trivia and much more. There is plenty to see on the sim, if you want sneak pictures you can check out Katelynn Dastardly’s flickr stream, Hallelujah Mighty (Tart Quanddry’s) flickr stream and the Flickr group.


Main Landing point

Vendor Area

Beach & Boardwalk

Skate Park

Basketball court

Roller Skating Rink

Punk Club

Mod Club (Davey MacIntyre’s 5:15)

Art Gallery


List of Events

Events & DJ’s


Friday, July 9th

11am-1pm  Katelynn Dastardly
1pm-3pm  Alicia Falworth
3pm-5pm Paradox Messmer
5pm-7pm Rance Alva
7pm-9pm  Woodrow Stapleton
9pm-11pm Karaoke (hosted by Clark Bowenford)
11pm-1am  Katherine Ivory
Saturday July 10th
1am-3am  Fine Caliber
3am-5am  LeeLii Flanagan
5am-7am Crazytrainer Vig
7am-9am Sean Bernheim
9am-11am Davey MacIntyre
11am-1pm  Nipper Ashton
1pm-3pm  DATE AUCTION Clark Bowenford
3pm-5pm  Lux Yao
5pm Manx Wharton (live performance)
6pm Phemie Alcott (live performance)
7pm-9pm  Darn Darwin
9pm-11pm OMGWTF BBQ
11pm-1am  Solange Simondsen
Sunday July 11th
1am-3am  Taliesin Llanfair
3am-5am Kookie Hax
5am-7am Milton Nightfire
7am-9am  Larkin Galaxy
9am-11am Therese Slade
11am-1pm Mzdeedee Dagger
1pm-3pm  SLag SHOW (xSaraho Mornington)
3pm-5pm Kahless Unplugged
5pm-7pm  Astrud Sands
7pm-9pm TRIVIA Colleen Lilliehook
9pm-11pm Enigma Bombay

Kissing Booth Schedule

Friday July 9, 2010

1-3pm Melancholy Ghost, Auguste Finistair

3-5pm Octavius Hallstrom (Unconfirmed), Cupcake Khaos

5-7pm Crumbles Idlemind, Lugh McConach (unconfirmed)

7-9 pm Astrud Sands, Paradox Messmer

9-11pm Demolicious Wonder, Sparky Kalinakov


Saturday July 10, 2010

11-1pm Rance Alva, CrazyTrainer Vig

3-5pm Katherine Ivory, Larkin Galaxy

5-7pm xSaraho Mornington, Kahless Unplugged

7-9 pm Wicked Loon, Jameson Garnet

9-11pm Newdoll Nikolaidis, Knuckles Crumb


Sunday July 11, 2010

11-1pm Crumbles Idlemind, Lum Lumley

3-5, Katelynn Dastardly, Nine Warrhol

5-7pm Nipper Ashton, Jameson Kipling

7-9pm Lily Warrhol, Trent Zabaleta

Vendor List

Kookie Hax & SimonTemplar Bernard – Little Mysteries

Rory Haiku & Atreyu Lorefield – .:La Push:.

Veronica Kanya – ::^^TASTY^^::

Alabama Smalls – *BamaLama*

Auguste Finistair – Shades of October

Ayumi Shinn – AYUMI

Buttercup Dagger – Cheeseburger

ByrneDarkly Cazalet – Tart Gallery

Clark Bowenford – kent

Davey Swindlehurst – Futile Gestures

Emma Soup – iheart

Glamouramama Boa – {Just A Pose}

Marrrriaa Quintessa – ::{Sugar.Snap.Me}::

myvegancookbook Bolissima – Adjunct

Zedelbee Zuhal – blonde (FLF Item at the blonde mainstore)