The Alphabet Soup Bazaar

The Alphabet Bazaar is a week-long event and features some amazing stores! There are around 20 stores and they include Kiwi, 22769 casual couture, Dulce Secrets, {face}, [pOle], Beautiful Disaster, Willow, T Junction, Shoo This, the U-neek, .::ODB::., TUFT, Hot Dolphin Love, Dead Bunny, Duh!, SB Wear, #Before Sleep#, Miinii Inc, *MPD*, UA Designs and *evie* (My store) The event starts on July 4th, but on July 3rd there is a bloggers preview, so if you have a blog contact Sarahlin Constantine and she will put you on the list! Landmarks will not be sent out until July 4th!

You can find out more on the official Alphabet Bazaar blog.

I received the invite for this event today, which is organised by Sarahlin Constantine from #Before Sleep# and the Top Secret Finds Blog. After a few minutes debating whether or not to apply, I decided to do it. I sent the application to Sarahlin and around 20 minutes later she IM’d me and said there was one stall left and that she’d put my logo on it so no-one could pinch my stall lol Bless her she got so excited, because as my readers all know I blog lots of hunts. Apparently I make her stuff look better than she does lol Which is an honour cos I love her stuff :)

Basically each stall will have 20 prims to rezz whatever they want, there has to be 1 (or more) 1L item and there must be at least 1 male/ unisex item. I have no idea what I will be making lol but of course it will be fabulous \o/