Silent Lion Troupe

There’s another sales event in SL! This one is called the Silent Lion Troupe. Here’s the jist (taken from the info notecard inworld) :

“There are seven days in a week. Why restrict a group’s special sale to one day? In SLT, we’ve decided to set it up a bit differently. Each designer will release an exclusive item once (or twice, if they would like) per month, set for sale for L$75 for one day only. At the beginning of each month, you will receive a notecard with your day(s) listed. All you have to do is set your item out the night before.”

The reason why the organisers chose to do the sales event this way is so that the sale never ends and the customers won’t get bored since the designers change each week. Each month there will be a different theme.

You can get a list and landmarks for July’s stores inworld, there is also a blog but I don’t know if they will be posted on there too. July’s theme is White.

As I write this I’m not taking part in this event, but that might change ;-) lol

If you need any more information you can contact Auguste Finistair about it.