Glance Style Sim Opening Party

GLANCE International Agency (GIA) is opening the doors to a second island ‘Glance Style‘. The sim was built by Chloris Hathor, a known grid- wide architect and building designer. Bloggers were given a chance to visit the new sim before the opening party, hence the reason why I am writing a post about the sim before the official opening. The sim opens to the public today, 20th June 2010, at 1pm slt. The sim is home to Nefertiti Kimagawa mainstore, plus the GLANCE Magazine offices and 25 satellite stores from some of the most inspirational and talented designers in Second Life. The list includes A La Folie, Alatiel Fashions, Aleida, Angel Dessous, Baiastice, Bellissima!, Bolero Collection, Convoitise by Toume Yao, Dekade, DoJo, Essential Soul, Gems & Kisses, Hyper Culture, Indyra Originals, JADOR Fashion, KIM, MEB Fashion, MIAMAI, MINA Hair, My Precious, Naïve, OMFG! I love it, PureStyle, PurpleMoon, Purple Rose Jewelry, SF Design, SHIKI Design, Vanity Hair, Vassnia and Xplosion. To learn more about the sim view the Glance Website

Not all stores were ready when I visited but I shall do a second post of the opening party (prepare for sophisticated, poncy, tall and skinny ladies in silly clothes Oo ) lol

The outfits below are the opening gifts that I picked up (I think one was 10L but forgot which one) I’m hoping there will be more gifts later when the party starts :)

The Sim

Outfit Credits:

Hair- VW (now known as Epoque) ‘Pushed & Shoved- Blonde Tones’

Skin- Pink Fuel ‘Sky <Chai> Scene’

Shape- Noirilicious ‘Novita’

Dress 1- MEB  ‘Cameron purple’

Dress 2- Bolero Collection  ‘Fuego’

Dress 3- PurpleMoon ‘Pink Orchid Dress’

Dress 4- Convoitise ‘Lea White’

Shoes- Maitreya ‘Verve Pumps- Lavender Blush’, ‘Verve Pumps- Red’