Freebies, Dollarbies and Group Gifts!

Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging hunt prizes, but after blogging shitloads (like LMM) it gets really tiring, and I miss doing random fashion blogs. I’ve finished blogging the Lost My Marbles prizes now (if anyone hasn’t sent me their prizes, your welcome to but they won’t be going on the blog sorry. I’ve finished that post now. I have other things to do!) I’m sneaking in a little post with some cheapies I’ve found.

I love nosing at people’s profiles, that’s what they are there for isnt it? It’s a great way of finding stores that I wouldn’t normally find. There was a girl at my store yesterday (I imagine she was doing a hunt) so I had a peek at her profile. She had a group in there for a hair store called D!va, so I opened the group page, opened the store owners profile and TP’d to her store. The owner is Japanese, and you can instantly tell just by looking at the quality of the hair. Really cute styles and omg bargain prices, 100L each and 600L for a pack of 8. (BTW the sim is gorgeous) Anyways, so then my internet borked and couldn’t get it to work so I just went to bed lol

This morning when I logged back on I went back to the shop and tried on some of the styles. Try the demos, she’s put poses inside them with attachments! awesome! With a little bit of photoshopping you can get rid of the demo bag so it looks like modelling props :) I actually sent the owner an invite to The Unknown Hunt, but I dunno if she will apply. Anyways I hopped to a mall called KDC HAIR MALL via one of her picks, I landed in a wierd place in the sky but couldnt use the teleporter to go to the mall so instead I looked at the mall owners profile. Then I hopped over to a place that he had in his picks-  Shopping Town Ek Chuah. This is a huge outdoor mall with a lot of Japanese shops, and a lot of them have lucky boards outside their stores. Most of them I’ve never heard of.. perfect for The Unknown Hunt! I sent a lot of them invites to the hunt. So anyways most of my day was spent store hopping :)

Worn in all outfits:

Hair- D!va ‘Miki (Onyx)’ (100L)

Skin- Pink Fuel ‘Raine <Toffee> Rust’

Shape- Tribal Soul Designs ‘Fairy Shape’ (LMM prize)

Outfit 1:

Bolero- edge grafica ’10 bolero set’ (1L)

Top- McSkin ‘Tunic Top’ (Group Gift)

Skirt- edge grafica ‘Frill Skirt’ (1L)

Shoes- Ty Zvezda ‘Dolly Pumps’

Bracelet- edge grafica ‘/37 Bracelet (Black2 & White) (1L)

Outfit 2:

Dress- TUFT ‘Poprockz Stripezz Dress’ (1L)

Shoes- Ty Zvezda ‘Dolly Pumps’

Bracelet- edge grafica ‘/37 Bracelet Silver & rainbow’ (20L)

Outfit 3:

Dress- ** Sen*2 ‘StripeSummerOneP-blue’  (80L)

Shoes- Ty Zvezda ‘Dolly Pumps’

Bracelet- edge grafica ‘/37 Bracelet Silver & rainbow’ (20L)

Poses by Marukin (only on Xstreet) and MJ+DADA