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News @ *evie*

So I’ve given my store a mass makeover (I’m not totally finished so excuse the mess there). All my panels have been revamped, items have been moved around, items have been taken away, items have been added ect). I am currently redoing the dollarbies section, I’ve taken away the shitty ones that I made back last November when I opened my store and I’ll replace them with new ones \o/

This is the first Dollarbie set that I’ve put together, made up of items that were in the Lucky Board.

The two tops below were items I sent through the Fab Free group a few months ago. Renee did actually blog them on the Fab Free website ages ago \o/

I’ve put all the other panels on my Flickr so you can see them in my Flickr there

I’ve put the Denim Dresses in the Lucky Board and the Denim Rompers in the Midnight Mania \o/