Just a lil post about a store called .:SHUSH:. owned by a friend of mine, Avy. She’s also the organiser for the Fashion Freaks hunt that starts Saturday! I have two hunt gifts and two freebies to show you.

The first outfit is the prize for the Pride Hunt, the red open tank, and the skirt is from the second outfit which is the prize in the Dark Katz hunt. The third and fourth outfits are the freebie dresses, the Disco Ball dress and the Funny Dots dress. (The two dresses can be found on the wall in the foyer). There are also previous hunt items outside the store, the JFTG prize, the one for the Diamond hunt and some others.

Also worn-

Hair from Truth.

Skin from Pink Fuel

Shape from Leafy

Shoes from TARA

Clothing from SHUSH (0L)