Second Life


I was browsing through my inventory today and randomly put on items from the depths of my inventory, they just seemed to look good together. I started with the boots and worked my way up ( I learnt this from Uma, outfits start from the bottom up. I started the outfit with the idea of matching all the colours to the boots (brown, white and gold) but somehow went away when I got up to her waist lol It turned into green and then pink. It all works though because all the pieces have colours in that match something else.

The actual point of this post was to show off Kaethe Dyrssen‘s new set of poses at Leafy. There are 6 in the Fatpack, and they are called ‘Strawberry Fondue Castle’. I have bugged Kaethe a couple of times to make some new poses for me to buy, because the 800 or so poses that I already have (not all from Leafy) aren’t enough. Lol

I also want to show you this new hair from !lamb called ‘Soot‘ (hence blog name). The hair comes in two styles, with ears and without ears. This means there is one style that has holes where your ears go, so that you ears poke out, and another style that covers your ears. I’m wearing the ones with ears, but it doesn’t make much difference because of the elf ears. You can see a better image of it on Lamb Bellics flickr page. I love the !lamb hairs, but I can never get them to fit properly. Lamb says I just need to position it better, but fact is Evie’s head is too big for it! I do find it frustrating having to stretch hair, which is why I prefer hair with resize scripts in. This hair is great for photos, but I don’t know if I’d wear it out and about in SL just because it’s so static, I prefer flowing, flexi hairs. Anyhoo hope you like the outfit and poses \o/


Hair- !lamb ‘Soot- Kit Kat’

Skin- Leafy ‘Vi preview’

Shape- Leafy ‘Sky’

Eyes- Damage Virtual Clothing ‘Serenity Eyes’ (JFTG Hunt)

Ears- Gauged ‘Elven Stretched Ears;

Hat- EM Gear ‘Flat Nature Hat’

Scarf- LAYA ‘Wool Scarf ‘ (Part of a set)

Top- WWI ‘Sweets Button Up’ (SnS Hunt)

Vest- Wanderer The Wind ‘Lace Vest’

Skirt- Shit Luck ‘Low Mini Jeans Skirt’

Belt- noju ‘animal skirt 02 belt’

Leggings- EnSvale ‘Gift Leggings (dots)

Boots- MEB ‘Suede & Studs Brown Boots’ (SAH)

All poses by Leafy