Inventory Cleaning

After all that palava with SL and the constant error message saying something about inventory failure or whatever, I decided that it’s time for a serious tidying up and emptying inventory mission. I had nearly 28,000 items in my inventory, a lot of them junk like seriously out of date landmarks, delete me scripts and those notecards about resizing prims. I knew that sorting out my landmarks would take ages.. and it did. I filtered my invent so it only showed me my landmarks and I went down the list deleting them. I ended up deleting all my landmarks apart from the important ones for my shop stuff. (To show your Filter tab, click on File then Show Filters, then uncheck the items you don’t want to see)

So now a fresh start with landmark collecting so I know that they are all up to date. I created folders for different types of shops, which you can see in the pictures below.

I’ve also rearranged my folders- my shapes, skins, hairs and fantasy ears are in the Body Parts folder, all my accessories are in the Favourites folder and my clothing and shoes are in the My Outfits folder. Everythings divided into folders, then more folders. For example, my hairs are sorted into different styles, so all my updo’s are in one folder, my long loose hairs are in a separate folder and so on. I’ve then made a folder for each store and put the hairs from that store inside it. I’ve put an exclamation mark at the start of the folder names so that they are at the top of the list (doesn’t have to be a ! It could be an –> or * etc.

The next snapshot shows My Outfits folder and all the folders inside it. This is where I will be keeping all my clothes and shoes.

I’ve put all my accessories in the Favourites folder, I’m still in the process of sorting these out. I’m not sure if I’ll keep them in this folder though.

So that’s my inventory at the present time, I’ve still got to go through my Events folder- items from the Alternative Fair, Fantasy fair and some other bits n pieces. Aiming to get it down to 20k before I start the new hunts!


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