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Wanderer The Wind Lingerie

I don’t really pay much attention to the stores around my shop, especially the ones on the sim behind my store. Out of pure boredom I decided to go and have a nosey around the stores and mall a couple of days ago. I stumbled upon this small store (which is behind my store on the other side of the water). The store is called Wanderer The Wind and is owned by tomoe Zenovka. She makes gorgeous lingerie, really girly and sexy and amazing prices!! The most expensive item in the store is a cute negligee which is 85L! Lol All her underwear are in sets, bras and knickers or thongs, and she also has Slips and panties sets. The prices range from 85L to 0L. The items on the shelves are around 25-85L and the ones on the walls are 60-70L. There are various colour and pattern options and a variety of different styles. All stunning of course! Ive always loved Japanese stores, so cute and quirky and bargain prices. I don’t think they are blogged enough. It helps that I work and ‘live’ on a japanese sim surrounded by other japanese sims!! Lol
While I was reading the designers profile I noticed that she has three locations in her Picks, the first is Trenza obviously, the second is Starry Light Mall and third is Minerva. I tpd to all stores and realised that there are different things in each of the stores! At Trenza it’s mostly the lingerie sets, at Starry mall there’s some different lingerie and eyemasks. At Minerva there are two bra and panties sets, a Babydoll negligee, an underwear/ pj set and a really good bra, panties, gloves, stockings and mask set! That is more expensive that the other stuff, if you can call 180L expensive! lol There’s also a cute lace vest at Minerva for 20L.
Im showing you items from all three locations today, plenty of pictures for you. Hope you love them as much as I do!

This set is at the Trenza store, and called ‘ver20 sp’. There are two colour options in this set.

Next is ‘ver29 E’ on the left and on the right is this gorgeous and delicate slip set called ‘ver11 sp’

In the picture below is the ‘ver13 sp which includes two panty sets, one with skirt and one without. On the right is this super cute slip and panties set called ‘ver24 flower green’.

The pink strapless bra set on the left is ‘ver25 basic sp’ and on the right is ‘ver31 dots red’.

This sexy negligee is called ‘ver9 purple’ and I bought this in the store at … . The panties are sold seperately.The undies/ pj type set in the following picture are called ‘ver21 pink’, and included is a bra, cami, panties and the shorts.

The final picture shows the underwear set that includes stockings, panties, bra, gloves and mask. The bra is halterneck and ties at the back. The gloves are elbow length and have a finger missing. This is called ‘ver12 white’ and I bought this one at  Minerva. It is available in


Hair- Stuff ‘ EmmaBrunette’ (Not available store closed)

Skin- Vive9 ‘Aerin [tan]’ (Not available store closed)

Shape- Leafy ‘Sky’ (My fave shape EVER)

Ears- Iren ‘Elven Ears Snail/ Fai/ Elf’ (From Alternative fair)

All clothing from Wanderer The Wind (WTW)

Set 1 & 2- ver20 sp

Set 3- ver29 E

Set 4- ver11 sp

Set 5- ver13 sp

Set 6- ver24 flower green

Set 7- ver25 basic sp

Set 8- ver31 dots red

Set 9- ver9 purple

Set 10- ver21 pink  Dollarbie! \o/

Set 11- ver12 white

Prim feet from J’s ‘flip flap & barefoot’

Shoes worn in final pic from Last Call

Poses by Slash Me Poses, Glitterati, Striking Poses, Sunflower Poses, O!P and Don’t Freak Out


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  1. I love this post evie I got lots of nice new underwear, but I really love the purple cami top one ver11 sp where did u get it? I cant find it, its sooo cute thanks for sharing this :)

    1. It’s at one of the other stores, I think it’s at the one on the Minerva sim but I’m not entirely sure.
      Glad you like the post :)

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