Second Life

Wierd & Wonderful Avatars Week 1

I’ve been to three perfect places for finding wierd and wonderful avatars this week. The first place was the Fantasy Faire Fair! 9 sims, each with a different fantasy theme- Nekos, Vampires, Faries, Elves, Mermaids and more! It’s all raising money for Relay For Life, helping to find a cure for cancer. The second place is Nomos, which is a new Roleplay sim based on the book/ film Blade Runner. This is a place I like to go to just to watch people and take pictures. There are some really strange people there. I don’t roleplay even though I have the SGS Hud lol

The third place I went to is the Alternative Fair, which is the same concept as the other charity fairs, except this is for anything other than humans! So Goths, Punks, Cyber, Nekos etc. To see a list of the stores click here or to teleport there click here

I’m afraid I didn’t get many pictures because these places were so laggy I kept crashing! :(