Wierd and wonderful avatars

I spent an hour or so at the Fantasy Fairie Fair yesterday (It’s fckin huge! 9 sims and I only went round two of them!) . While I was there I saw some wonderful avatars, a girl dressed in white with a unicorn horn and hooves, a green devil, a black woman with shrek like ears oO lol It got me thinking, how cool would it be if I did a weekly post with pictures of all the wierd and wonderful avatars that I’d seen that week. Fantastic \o/ I may even IM some of them ( the non scary ones) and ask if they’d mind telling my why they decided to dress their avs like that :) I think it would be very interesting. What do you all think? If you (my readers) have an unusual avi please feel free to contact me inworld ( IM if I’m online, notecard if I’m offline please), maybe I’ll feature you on my blog :p

If you’ve seen any crazy avs around the grid and got a snap of them I could use it and ofc give you credit for the pics :) Ooh I’m excited now! *logs inworld and tp’s to the fair (if it lets me!) *