Beautiful Nightmare Hunt

I’ve seen alot of people doing the Just For The Girls (JFTG) and the Make Him Over (MHO) hunts but hardly any for the Beautiful Nightmare Hunt (BNH):( So to drum up hunters for the BN hunt I’ve decided to blog the prizes. I’ll be adding pictures per 30 stores, so check back to this post because the pictures will be added at the bottom of the post.  There are 110 stores all together, start location is Brandy’s Beachside Mall. Pics are in order this time but no store names. You are searching for a black ring box with white lining.

Start- Brandy’s Beachside MallCherry Chair

1. Dress (Ladies), Jeans & tee (Men)

2. Entertainment Center

3. Religious Tattoo

4. I’d Rather Gesture

5. Dress (Ladies), Shirt & jeans (Mens)

6. Beautiful Nightmare House7. Cherokee Outfit 8. Mirror The Beauty

9. Swing, Victorian Bench, browery & grass.

10. Rusty Well

11. (Item not in prize yet- store owner having computer problems)

12. Jelly Lounger

13. Undies set (Women), Smiley PJ’s (Men)

14. DONNA Dress

15. Dreams Nipple & Belly Piercings

16. Dream A Little Dream spot

17. Metallica Neko set & Boomers

18. Pamelas outfit & Princess X59 Wildcat plane  19. Beautiful Nightmare Rug

20. Smoochies Sash Red Leather

21. Beautiful Night (Male & Female)

22. Vampire Winter

23. Little Mermaid Set

24. Heartbeat

25. Couple Snow Globe

26. Anarchy Necklace

27- Not in hunt

28. Broken Dollie (Ladies) Broken Doll (Male)- Includes gloves, top/ shirt, skirt, pants, invisi prim for bloken arm.

29. Beautiful Nightmare Tshirt & Jeans (Male), Dress (Ladies)

30. Beautiful Nightmare Belt, Cuffs, Throwing Dagger & Razor Blade

31- Simple Belt (Male), Spring Slippers (Female)

32. Gothic Chaise Lounge

33. Black Flower Print dress

34. Star Lip Ring, Starry Night Belly Ring & Skull Beads & Turquoise Choker (Male)

35. 6013 MINI

36. Sushi Beautiful Nightmare Bed (Handsome chef not included :P )

37. Baby Tempus Fugit

38. Dotalicious B/W

39. Gold Eyes

40. Drow Avatar

41. Silq’waggi Agoniste

42. Elegant Wicker Cuddle Bed VP 43. Deadly Beauty 44. Small Mirror Checker bl/wh

46. Maximus Elite System Includes Receiver Speakers Remote and HUD

45. Black Desire 47. Broken Heart Necklace 48. Nightmare Vase

49. cross and chains lip ring

50. Is in hunt, prizes are gestures with characters that my snapshots don’t like :(

51. Nightmare Boat

52. Paua Shell Surfer Necklace 53. Gypsy Dream Romantic Rug

54. Outdoor Couch 55. Single Sofa

56. Kisses Forever Pose

57. ca glass cabinet white painted wood

58. Morticia

59. Moon & Stars Bed. 60. Oval bed

Other items worn in pictures-

Hair from barberyumyum,

Skin from Vive9 and &bean,

Eyes from Damage Virtual Clothing

Clothes- Black Sweater (pic #17) from Somapop, Blouse So Many Styles (50L Friday), Treggins from Fishy Strawberry

Poses- p4p, porcupine love, Dismorph, dfo!, esetica, Posies, [doll.], Sunflower Poses. comPOSEure, HopScotch, au soleil, aDORKable Poses


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