Geeks for Project Themeory

If all these designers decide to organise any more weekend events I’m going to be even poorer that I am already! The latest ones are Project Themeory, the return of Stumblebum Brigade and now The Dressing Room. I haven’t been to The Dressing Room yet and or paid much attention to Stumblebum or Theomery but today I decided to go and check out some of the items from the stores in this weekends Project Theomery. The stores include BOOM, Don’t Freak Out, League, Soap Co, mijn & Action plus some others. Those are the stores I bought items from. This weekends theme is Geek Chic. So everything about Geeks! \o/  Click here for the Flick Group link

If you don’t know what Project Themeory is about, here’s the jist. It’s organised by Plastic (Dismorph) and Kyrsten (rbcg) and each weekend participating stores put out exclusive items for sale for 75L. I don’t know how they select stores for it though. Maybe one day they will ask me! LOL. Though would be rather nice for smaller stores to be included in these events :P Anyhoo here are some of the Project Themeory items this weekend.

Items worn in all pics- Hair from barberyumyum/ DPyumyum, skin & shape from Leafy (Skin is beta version), shoes from [ON], eyes from Damage.

Pic 1 & 2 Outfit 1

Blazer & glasses from Soap Co. (Glasses haven’t rezzed properly, they are meant to be a rectangle shape)

Skirt from BOOM

Socks from League

Camera & Polaroid from Action

Outfit 2

Top & skirt from BOOM

Socks from League

Outfit 3

Dress from mijn

Outfit 4

Blazer, collar with scarf, belt & pants from Soap Co.

All poses from Don’t Freak Out.