Everyone knows how much I can’t stand thieves & copybotters in SL so I don’t need to preach to you about it. I hate seeing people wearing stolen hairs, and as much as I hate it having to do it, I have to report them to the original creators. I do it not just because I’m nice but because they need to know. One of the best things is the Thank Yous I get for doing it. I don’t expect anything in return, but when I am offered things as a thank you I don’t say no lol I’ve been blessed with some awesome gifts from store owners, like michelle Oyen from sWEET HAIRs today. She sent me a Fatpack of her new hairs just because I reported something to her. I told her that I have a blog and if she’d like, I’d blog some of her hairs for her. So here you are. These are her latest hairs ‘[SiennaV1][colorD-Series]’. Hopefully when she sees this she might like me to blog more for her :) I already own some of her hairs, and the thing I love most about them is how they move when I dance, walk, change poses or fly. Any slight movement makes the hair swirl (like you can see in the pictures) and I also love the details of each individual strand.

Above L-R ‘D01′, D02’, ‘D03’

Below ‘D04’

The hair didn’t fit properly in the pic below :(

‘D05’ ‘D06’

‘D07’, ‘D08’

‘D09’, ‘D10’, ‘D11’


Also worn:

Skin- Idiosyncrasy

Ears- Atomic

Dress- *tw (Group Gift)

Shoes- Maitreya