First of all I must apologise for the picture spamming in this post :s Sorry if you get bored! lol

TUFT is a cute, rather strange store at the UnWaNtEd Mall (which is also cute and rather strange) on the Sand Dollar Isle. I had never heard of this store until I clicked on a link from Suri Christens Flickr page that took me to the SL Free*Style blog. As I was scrolling down the page I came across a post by Sileny about this store called TUFT. What really caught my eye (apart from the pictures) was where it said Everything by Tuft is currently 5L-15L’. That made me really want to visit the store! So I logged inworld, grabbed the slurl and tp’d down. I must not forget that Heartless Homes is also one of the stores in the mall. It is owned by heartless Toxx, the partner of TUFT owner jemima Clowes. I do have several of Heartless Homes items which I will do a separate post for. jemima was kind enough to send me some of his creations after I told her I was planning to blog her items. TUFT and Heartless Homes are two great shops to see if a) you like bargains, b) you like wierd skyboxes c) you’re a blogger or like taking pictures or d) you are a child and need an AO. To be honest you don’t really need a reason to go there! (Also, as it is a mall, there are some other stores worth checking out). Anyways I’ve typed way too much so I’ll show you the pictures.

First item is called ‘Lil’ Easter’ which is only 1L. This is perfect for Easter photos or for jazzing up those Easter cards.

(Lighting and contrast has been edited a tiny bit to enhance the colours)

‘Creepy Old House Photobox‘ is the next item.. really creepy! This was 10L

Next is ‘Alice’s Thinking Room Photobox’, also 10L

Lonely Field Photobox’ has only a one person pose but with 3 different options. It’s magic that makes Evie sit in all three at the same time :P

This next one is a bright and cheerful photobox called ‘Candyland’. Yummy

The next 7 items are in a ‘never to be sold again’ box for only 10L

Who dunnit?! “Wasn’t me” she shouts. Although these three do look a little guilty :s This photobox is called ‘Crimescene Alley’

This next photobox is just so cute. It’s called ‘Definition of Love’, with love printed on the wall made up of loads of words describing love in some way. It comes with two poses, a couples one and a single one (shown in the pic)

I’ve never been to Ireland, but if I did this photobox would surely remind me of the country. The photobox is called ‘Memories of Ireland’ and includes a rainbow and pot of gold. I don’t remember seeing any leprechauns though. They scare me :s

Lyli seems to be meditating in the picture below for some reason, and god only knows what happened to Evie! The photobox shown below is called ‘Mild Voodoo’

‘The Beach’ is the last of the photoboxes in the 10L box.

I have two more to show you, ‘Down & Out’ and ‘Dreamy Fields’. I had to edit the Down & Out one a little because Evie was floating in midair and had a newspaper in her foot lol

Stay tuned for the post with items from Heartless Homes!

Oh forgot to mention its on a mature sim :s