New @ Somapop & Diapop!

After I finished the posts about my dresses I was stumped as to what to do next! Some of you that have been reading my blog for a few months know that I am the official Somapop & Diapop blogger, so when I saw Dianne online I im’d her and begged her to give me her new stuff for me to blog, and she sent it over to me. I then im’d Soma and begged him to give me new stuff, and he did! \o/ So here are the things they gave me!

The items in the post are already available at Somapop/ Diapop Mainstore, so go grab them now!

First and second pics show Dianne’s new ‘I <3 mijn halter‘ range.

1. I <3 mijn anouk halter

2. I <3 mijn ramones halter

3. I <3 mijn sexpistols halter

4. I <3 mijn tiesto halter

5. I <3 mijn totoro halter

Next is ‘Fawntastic‘ in Brown & Green. This outfit includes the top and pants in all layers and the adorable acorn snack.

This dress is called ‘il mio vestito nero’. There are two types of skirts, the double on the left and the single one on the right. Both skirts can be worn on the stomach and spine. If you don’t like the transparency of the skirts you can wear one of the spine ones with one of the stomach ones \o/ Pure genius :P lol

The new items at Somapop are these jeans called LL- R Jeans, there are 9 colours but I’m only showing 8 cos the other one wouldn’t fit on the pic :P lol

L-R: Dark, Ripped, Torn, Cyan, Pink, Lilac, Yellow & Red. The 9th colour is green.

I’ll keep you updated as new items at Somapop & Diapop are released \o/