ACfinity & Tyranny Designs

ACfinity and Tyranny Designs is currently my favourite store right now, expensive but oh so worth it. Hand drawn stitching, detailed patterns and stunning textures make them worth buying! I’d love to be as talented as these two ladies. Tyr sent a notice through one of her groups telling us that just for today, all outfits that are green are reduced to 50L. As you probably guessed I was jumping up and down in my chair, I was so excited! In total I bought 5 outfits and only spent 250L! How much of a bargain is that, especially since some of the outfits are usually 400L! \o/

The first three outfits are from Tyranny. In order- ‘The Wench- Green’, ‘Dawn- Betrayed’ and ‘Faust’

The fourth outfit is one from ACfinity called ‘Ate Green’, fifth is ‘Distress 2.0′ by Tyranny, and the last is from ACfinity ‘Tutu Green’ (Which I blogged in a previous post’

Other items worn-

Hair- barberyumyum

Skin- Leafy

Ears- Atomic

Feet- J’s