Second Life


It’s 4am right now here in the UK and I don’t want to go to bed cos it’s so cold in the bedroom so I decided to tidy up my dresses folder instead. I’ve basically done the same thing as I did yesterday with my shoes, all items are split into folders in alphabetical order, but I’ve also put folders A to G in a folder titled A-G and so on. Looks heaps better now :) So I’m gonna show you the dresses in my folder A. I have 8 to show you, but I have like 11 dresses from Apple May so I’m just showing you one lol  Most of these dresses are freebies so I don’t know if they are still available :

1. A Touch of Ireland (Freebie)

2. Abstract Reality (Gift).

3. Adore & Abhor (Bunny Hop Hunt Gift)

4. Alchemy

5. AOHARU (Xmas Gift),

6. anuenue (1st anniversary dress),

7. Apple May

8. Axel

Also worn-

Hair- barberyumyum

Skin- Leafy

Feet- J’s

Ears- Gauged