My inventory is overflowing with hunt prizes , the SAH one, The Button Hunt and Snacks n Sweets, plus all the random prizes that I picked up from other hunts. I decided that since the folder with the shoes & accessories prizes in were semi organised, I’d do the rest of them. I ended up redoing my whole shoe folders! They were pretty organised already, I had separate folders for boots, sandals, trainers, heels etc. The inside them the shoes were organised into store folders. For example I had boots from Kookie and heels from Kookie, so I had Kookie shoes in two different folders. Confusing lol. Anyway now it’s better, I have folders titled the letters of the alphabet, so folder A has all the store names beginning with A. See pic below. I’m yet to do the rest of my inventory.. might take a while :s My motto when it comes to sorting out my inventory is if I’ve forgotten about something I own then theres no point keeping it. The only problem is that what happens if I go to a party and that hat would have been perfect.. I wish i hadn’t deleted it! Urgh

I missed out Q, X, Y & Z because I dont have shoes with those letters lol

So anyways, I got a few pics of random boots from the SAH hunt :)

Above left- Nushru ‘Swank Skin Boots in Green’

Above right- Thea Tamura Fashion ‘Melancholy boots- purple’

Below left- Aryanna’s closet (No name given to the lol)

Below right- MZ ‘Long Boots Brick’

Below left- Delirium ‘Skully Boot’

Below right- Jazmyn D ‘Soft Brown leather’