melt. an installation on thin ice.

Today I finally went to see the melt installation. We all know what Global Warming is doing to the world, it’s pounded into our heads everyday. This installation takes a different view of it. From an artist’s perspective. 25 of SL’s artists including miel, RunoRuno, This is a Fawn and Surf Couture have created art just for this event. They were told to create art with only the following words in mind: drowning, melting, polar bears, arctic, culpability, corporate greed, inevitability, and extinction. I didn’t realise how emotional this installation would make me. There are plenty of pictures on Flickr of the installation, but none of them do it justice. You really have to go there to see it for yourself. (NOTE. The installation is only there until March 21st- so go see it now.)

I took more pictures which you can see in the Flickr group (link above)

Credits for outfit

Hair- *barberyumyum*’18/black’

Skin- Leafy ‘Miso Lune’

Elf Ears- Atomic Mystic Elven Ears -Feather

Outfit- ::una designs:: fiore indies brown.n136

Prim Feet- J’s Flip- flap & barefoot

MELT Marionette [SC] Surf Couture  (Buy it at melt)

Polarbear- MIEL POMI @ MELT