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The Button Hunt

Starting on March 1st is The Button Hunt! We now have a blog for the hunt, see it here and I started a Flickr group for hunts in general, see it here

Phoenix Welles (Organiser of the hunt and owner of Firefly Fashions) has given me the roles of Blogging Buttons and Helping To Find! I will be blogging the prizes (like what I did with Snacks n Sweets) on my blog and on the official blog, plus I’ll add all the pictures to the Flickr group \o/ There won’t be hints on the blog, instead there will be hints at the stores. If you get stuck please send a group IM, although chat lag may not let you. If you can’t find the button don’t go f’ing and blindin at the store owners or mods etc if you can’t find the button! Ask nicely or face ejection 😛 lol

The theme of the hunt is Whimsy- so anything fun, odd, playful, amusing etc You will be looking for small green buttons, and buttons have a habbit of rolling around… 🙂 Firefly Fashion is the starting location.