Fashion, Second Life


It’s been a while since I did a fashion post, and since I’ve finished the Snacks n Sweets Hunt entries I finally have time to do a fashion blog! There are three items in the blog which are from the Shoes and Accessories hunt (which has now ended), and the other are items that have seen sitting in my inventory for ages. Next week The Button Hunt starts so I’ll probably end up blogging those because I’m taking part as a Vendor! (Still haven’t made the gift.. eek!) :s  Anyways tope you like the return of my fashion posts. <3 evie


Hat/ Hair- Pocket Mirrors ‘Floriana Beret Snow’ (SAH)

Skin- Somapop ‘o- lela skin natural red laser

Ears- Gauged ‘Elven Ears [Sanrio]

Jacket- Pididdle ‘Em Blazer- red’

Vest- !Ohmai ‘Basic Loose Racerback Concrete’

Shorts- Beauty Avatar: LE.LOOK! ‘la femme shorts’

Shoes- Domotik ‘Assasin Hunt Version’ (SAH)

Bag- Indyra Originals ‘The Ireben Carry- all’ (SAH)

Poses- Sunflower Poses