Snacks n Sweets Hunt Entry #14

Stores # 127- 149. Store 146- NSI has dropped out the hunt so please go to 148 Lok’s Low Prim Furniture (147 is out the hunt already).

Stores in this post (in correct order)- b.nuts, jeaniesing’s things, Sa- eela, Sick with Lust, Occular Oddities, Waven Cajun, XIII, Dark Water Designs, TRS, Tattoos By Azzy!, Coull Creations, Amaya’s Music Gestures, Z Cute Creations, Brat!, PEER, Palais, Merrikat Designs,  Dressing Aphrodite, NSI Creations, Lok’s Low Prim Furniture and Kisses Gestures.

Shown below is b nuts Leg Strap and Sunglasses

jeaniesing’s things- Animated chip packet

Sa- eela- Girls and Boys like Candy- Arm strap, Mouth Candy, Cotton candy (Pink & Blue) and belt

Sick With Lust– Bon Bon Curio Necklace, Occular Oddities– Rainbow Sucker & Twirl Pop Eyes

Waven Cajun Bubble Gum Pink String Bikini & XIII Back Alley Feast & 100L Giftcard

Dark Water Designs- round couch, finished version,red & TRS Picnic Blanket w/ cushions

TRS- Sweet As Candy Tee & Yummeh Choccie Cupcake

Tattoos by Azzy– Snacks n Sweets Tattooed Skin

Coull Creations– All My Hearts Bracelet (Left & Right)

Amayas Music Gestures-‘ Cool Guys’, ‘Disco Stick’, ‘I was like why you so obsessed with me’

Z Cute Creations– Chocolate Swirl. Brat– Cupcake outfit

PEER– Candy Candy Jeans, Palais– Palais Rouge Parlor Table en Blush

Merricat Designs– Death By Chocolate Celebration Cake

Dressing Aphrodite– Obsession Cotton Candy

NSI Creations– Sweetest Bunneh Avatar (Not in hunt now) & Lok’s Low Prim Furniture – Lickalicious Chocolate Bed, ChocoMarshmallow Couch & Lickalicious End Table

Kissess Gestures– Kisses06