Snacks n Sweets Entry #13

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to do another SnS entry, the last couple of days have been mental. As you know, we had our Mardi Gras party at CAFE Andromeda (See pics on Flickr) on Tuesday, which was a huge success \o/ I’ve also been getting prepared for the Montana GoldRush event on the weekend, which should be fun. Monday was the last day of the SAH, and because I’d started the hunt I had to finish it of course :) Now I’ve got to finish this hunt! The Bi- Annual Cart Sale starts on Tuesday I think so I need to get ready for that, then it’s The Button Hunt on March 1st! Busy Busy!

Sooo anyways, here are the gifties from stores #105- #126, excluding 119 and 120 because they aren’t taking part in the hunt anymore).

First store is Ignition, which is giving away this red T-Shirt with the slogan ‘I love SL like a fat kid loves cake!’

Adoring Charms is next with two slightly strange costumes!

Shown below is Culture Cannibals and Body Canvas.

Rock Pulse and Sugar&Spice gifts are this Rolling Stones Music box and a cute tank top. The first picture below is the gift from Naughty or Nice, and the one below it shows the outfits from Rozza’s Roze BBW Fashions and PASARELLA.

Next is the gift from Sirens Song– a Candy Jar and furniture set

The prize  in the picture below is a Mardi Gras themed Candy Jar Treat Giver from Halloween Town. I used this at the Mardi Gras party at Andromeda! \o/

Muthaf%&kin Princess and Wisent Animations prizes are shown below.

The gift from Secrets of Gaia are this set of earrings, they are lovely, but there is a problem with them!  When you wear them they both attach to your right hand, so what you need to do is attach them to your ears. Right click on the earring in your inventory and click Attach To, then either the right ear or left ear depending on what they are labelled as in the folder. You will need to position them so best to stand on a pose stand. I have sent a notecard to the creator about it so hopefully she will fix the earrings :)

Shown below are the prizes from Never Ever (Left) and Zenith (Right). Never Evers prize is Pocket Watch with the SnS hunt texture inside it. Zeniths prizes are the Gummy Worms necklace and mouth attachment. How cute are they?!

Above is the slipper set from Footsies and below are the gifts from Stardust, which includes a male & female shape, a lamp, a picture frame and a picture for your wall :)

Helicopter Laval is the last store in this blog