Snacks n Sweets Hunt Entry #5

I’ve only got #48 of the hunt and already have 5 posts worth of prizes to show you :P In this post I have items from Loka Design, Iced, Luxurious World, Forgotten Earth, Elisabeth’s Store, The U-neek and Trashtastic! There are a few things that feature in the blog that aren’t from the hunt so I will put the details at the bottom of the post :)

First up is the Candy Necklace and Lollipop from Loka Design. The set comes with two Lollipops, one for mouth and one for hand and two gestures- one suck and one hold! Oo lol

Next is the Belly Piercing from ICED and the girls outfit from F.U Betch. The Belly Piercing comes with a HUD so the colour can be changed to whichever colour you want. I’ve included three examples :)

The Tee and Lollipop shown below are from Luxurious World and the two skirts are from Forgotten Earth

This dress is the prize from Elisabeth’s Store.

The final outfit consists of the belt from Trashtastic and the vest from The U-neek. The pants are from NUT and are not part of the hunt.

Other items in the blog-

Hair- Darkerside

Skin- Leafy

Top- DYN

Sandals- J’s