Snacks n Sweets Hunt Entry #3

Yay more stuff! This time I’ve got some furniture and accessories to show you. Hope ya like them!

This huuugggeee ‘Teddy Bear with Cupcake is from Razz- A- Matazz, and seriously, it is huge! If Evie stands in front of it she doesn’t even reach the top of the cupcake.. but then she is kinda short :s lol It’s scripted so when you click the cupcake it gives you a landmark, cupcake and a plate of cupcakes! \o/

The next item is from Passionate Neko and is called ‘Group of Peeps’– 4 big gummy type bunny rabbits :) I’m putting them outside my shop cos they are so cute!The awesome picture frame above is from Framed and totally covered in sweet wrappers! Makes me want to eat them! (Not the wrappers themselves, but the contents inside them lol) The frame is called ‘Sugar Coma Frame’

The sofas shown below are from Tree House Treasures are called Candy Sofa‘. There is also a rug included in this set.

The outfit Evie is wearing consists of the hair from Before Sleep called ‘Sweet Hair [Cotton Candy]’ and Cherry Jeans and Gummy tank from The U-neek (which I will blog again later with the full outfit)

And the last item in this post is the ‘SJP Candle- Heart’ from [HEAVEN]. There are two shapes in this set, the smaller ones and the larger ones, and three different colours.