Snacks n Sweets Hunt Entry #2

Yummy cuppycakes from Pink Fuel are featured in this blog along with the outfit from Venus :) The I <3 Cuppycakes Pack comes with poses too to make them even yummier! There are 6 cuppycakes that attach to your hands, there’s one for ya mouth and a Cuppycake Thrower! So you can shoot people with cuppycakes and share the yummyness lol

I chose this outfit to go in this blog cos it’s pink and looks good with the cuppycakes and it’s called  CandyCane \o/ The boots are included in the outfit :)


Hair- Darkerside ‘Fab- Emo Black’ (Fab Free gift)

Skin- DOT ‘Augustine Face- Feb- Mimsy’

Outfit- Venus ‘CandyCane’

Cuppycakes & Poses- Pink Fuel ‘ I <3 Cuppycakes Pack’