Snacks n Sweets Hunt Entry #4

Neko! That’s the theme for this post. 3 Neko tails from Troubled Rebel, Bedlam and Little Rabbit and a Panda set from Sweet leonard & Needful Things. \o/

Troubled Rebel ‘Sweet Tooth Tail’

BedlamChained Raver Tail

Little Rabbit Kawaii Cupcake Neko Tail’, ‘Cupi-cake Bite‘ and ‘Sweet Hair Stick

Sweet Leonard & Needful ThingsPanda Set [gumdrops]

Other things in pics

Hair- Darkerside ‘Fab- Emo  Black’

Skin- DOT ‘Augustine Face- February- Mimsy’

Tank- DYN ‘Queen of the Dance Floor’

Pants- BOOM ‘Seaman Pants- Red Cross’