Snacks n Sweets Hunt Entry #1

The Snacks n Sweets hunt started yesterday \o/ It’s awesome, 200 stores (including mine) making things based on snacks n sweets! In this first post I’m showing you the prizes at the first 4 stores (that have clothing). Gemini Lotus (Hunt starting point), Tail Chaserz (#2), Peebox (#5) and Porcelain Fantasies (#6). I’ll be doing the prizes in installments as I go.

The Gemini Lotus prize (above) is a trouser set in both male and female styles. I adore the belt just because of all the sweet packets attached to it!

Tail Chaserz is giving away this lovely pink gown called Cotton Candy which has the matching arm silks included. There is also a T-shirt for the men which I haven’t included in the blog.

Peebox has two gifts, the first is the Tattoo shown above and the second is the Tee shown below. The cupcake on the back of the tattoo looks so yummy! (I apologise to the boobs and butt cheeks lol).

The outfits below are the male and female ones from Porcelain Fantasies. Now these aren’t outfits I would usually wear day-to-day but they would make great costumes, especially the one on the right. I might wear it for the Dark and Sinister event at CAFE Andromeda on Thursday! I’ll add some gray skin and zombie eyes, maybe vampire teeth.. perfect!


Gemini Lotus (#1)

Hair- Darkerside ‘Fab- Emo Black’ (Fab Free gift)

Ears- Gauged ‘Elven ears [Sarino] (In all outfits)

Skin- DOT ‘Augustine Face- February- Mimsy’

Outfit- Gemini Lotus ‘Sugar N Spice’

Shoes- J’s ‘Flip Flap & Barefoot’

Tail Chaserz

Hair- @waffles ‘Miucha Vauderville (from Designers United III)

Skin- Candydoll ‘Abella Gray HB’ (Fab Free gift)

Dress- Tail Chaserz ‘Cotton Candy’


Hair- @waffles ‘Miucha Vauderville

Skin- DOT  ‘Augustine Face- February- Mimsy’

Tattoo- Peebox ‘Sweet Tooth Body Tat’

Pants- BOOM ‘Seaman Pants’

Second pic- Peebox ‘Fitness Plan Tee’

Porcelain Fantasies

Hair- @waffles ‘Miucha Vauderville’

Skin- DOT ‘Augustine Face- February- Momsy’

Dress & Shoes (pic 1)- Porcelain Fantasies ‘Skull Candy Outfit’ (Ladies)

Coat & Hat outfit- Porcelain Fantasies ‘ Moi Nocture’ (Mens)


2 thoughts on “Snacks n Sweets Hunt Entry #1

  1. vikirose says:

    No need to apologise for showing some skin, especially with a tattoo as yummy as that :) I agree with your comments about that men’s outfit from Porcelain Fantasies. Although I reminds me of Victorian undertakers lol.

    Maybe I will attempt this hunt now that I have a superior laptop ;)

  2. Evie says:

    Yeah it does a bit lol I think it’s fabulous :P You should deffo do the hunt cos I’m one of the stores in it! I’ll be posting entries as I do the hunt :) Got one on it’s way now :D

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