Preview of the Snacks n Sweets Hunt prize at *evie*

The Snacks n Sweets Hunt starts tomorrow and I can’t wait!! I’m taking part as a vendor, but I will be doing the hunt too! lol Here’s a sneak preview of the prizes that I have hidden in my store! Two prizes for ladies- the Lollipop Tank (in Pink & White) and a matching bag (which has shoulder & hand poses), and a tee which is mainly for the guys but can be worn by ladies :P Starting point is Gemini Lotus. You can see previews of other store items on the hunt blog-

You will be searching for little cupcakes that look like the cupcake below. They are 1 prim flat cupcakes. There are two to find in my store :)

There are some rules ya gotta follow–

1. While out in stores hunters CANNOT call out in local where the cupcake is.
( If you are with friends KEEP IT TO IMS! DO NOT shout it out in local! )
2. The group is open to join :) Meet with other hunters! Though you do not have too
3. While in Group chat, We allow hunters to ask for hints
(Asking as in “May I please have a hint for Store 28?” or “Is there a hint for 28?” not “Where the F@ck is the damn cupcake for 28?” )
4. Some store are in rezz zones, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BOXES BEHIND! Pick them up! This is to respect stores who have prim limits and to NOT confused hunters where cupcakes are. Vendors are NOT your maids and butlers so please respect their stores.)
5. Have fun!! :) We met a lot of awesome vendors who kindly joined our hunt to be in on the fun as well! Without them, this hunt would not be capable!