Silliest Outfit

Today’s event at CAFE Andromeda was ‘Silliest Outfit’, and of course I always dress my Avi to fit the theme (even though I can’t enter the contest). For today’s party I just put random things on that are in my inventory. Two items are gifts through the Fab Free group (check past notices), one is a random freebie I picked up from a random store and the others are things I bought. You can see the credits for details. If you want to see pics of the party at andromeda look at my Flickr pages :) The outfit wasn’t supposed to work together, but it does! (I think so anyways)


Hair- Darkerside ‘fab- Emo Pink’ (Fab Free)

Skin- DOT/ Tyranny Designs’Augustine face- February Mimsy’

T-shirt- Avoid ‘Ditch- Violet’

Pants- Toritire ‘Zebra Print’ (Freebie)

Boots- The U- Neek ‘Kick- arz’ (Fab Free)

Belt- Reek ‘I Heart Themes Belt’ (Worn on spine & pelvis)

Ears- Gauged ‘Elven Ears [Sarino]’

Poses- Striking Poses ‘Vegas ShowGirl’, {flowey} ‘Before I Walk Away’, *BR* ‘Cool Guy’