Shoes & Accessories Hunt

So out of pure boredom I decided I’d start doing the Shoes and Accessories Hunt yesterday, by the time I got to the 9th one I was bored so gave up (plus I couldn’t find the shoe)  I went back again today and got to number 26, only another 100 or so to go! lol. This is the first installment of my posts for this hunt. In this one I am showing you the prizes from RFyre (#6), Kumaki (#24) and Duh (#21), plus items from Zenith, Shit Luck, Gauged, Xplosion, Leafy and Pink Fuel.


Hair- Xplosion ‘Nilly Platinum Plus’

Skin- Pink Fuel ‘Raine <Toffee> Rust’

Shape- Leafy ‘Starfyre’

Ears- Gauged ‘Elven Ears (Sanrio)’

Hoodie- Zenith ‘Grey Casual Jacket’

Skirt- Shit Luck ‘Low Mini Jeans Skirt’ (without prim)

Belt- RFyre ‘Black Leather Logo Belt’ SAH #6

Glasses- Kumaki ‘GoodWorld’ SAH #24

Shoes- Duh ‘Sneakers Boots White’ SAH #21

Poses by Leafy, Glitterati & Del May