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IsabellaGrace Baroque from Olive Juice has recently released a new pose pack called Monsters, and as part of the Footwear Expo prize I got to choose one pose pack and one group pose from her store, so I chose the Monsters pack. I’m only showing you three of the poses today because the others didn’t look right with the skirt.

All the items (apart from one) in this outfit are new and have just joined the party in my inventory \o/ I discovered “*noju* just after it opened a while ago, and there wasn’t much in there at the time. I rediscovered it today while I was going through the slurls in my blog- making sure the stores had the right link, if they had moved etc. A couple of the slurls were for parcels that weren’t there anymore :s So sorry about that! I’m halfway down the clothing section so far. It takes longer than you think, especially if you see something you like at the store. That’s what happened at “*noju*! The hair is the latest group gift and comes in 4 shades, the Tippet is also from “*noju* and only costs L$30! The Tippet and matching woolly hat are the prizes on the lucky board at the moment, but it wasn’t on the letter E and I couldn’t be bothered to wait. The final item from “*noju* is the animal print skirt, which I am totally in love with. If you zoom in really close you can see the texture of the fabric, it really looks like animal fur. I also love how flowey and how softly it moves \o/

Finally, the shoes. You will no doubt see these boots in every blog you read and I would imagine a lot of people inworld will have them! They are the latest group gift from *COCO*, there are three pairs in the folder, black, red and these brown ones with the animal fur cuff. I think it matches perfect with the skirt :)

Hair- “*noju* ‘Group Gift 002’

Skin- Idiosyncrasy ‘Riley Sunkissed’

Ears- Illusions ‘Mystic Ears Pixie/ Naturals’

Vest- The Closet ‘Simple Tank Top_KHA’

Skirt- “*noju* ‘Animal Skirt 02’

Shoes- *COCO* ‘Flat Ankle Boots’ (Group Gift)

Tippet- “*noju* ‘Fur Tippet’

Poses- Olive Juice ‘Beautiful Beastie’, ‘Monster’ and ‘Tool Video Reject’

P.S If anyone knows anywhere with shop rentals, 500 prims+ and reasonable price let me know please. I’m running low on prims in my store! :( *cries*


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