2009 SL Footwear Expo Flickr Contest Winner.. ME!

I’ve got some new things to show you (but I’ll show you the others in another post) \o/ The first is a Fatpack of skins from a store called Idiosyncrasy. I was the winner of the SL Footwear Expo Flickr Contest (\o/) and this fatpack of skins from Idiosyncrasy was part of the prize. I also won some prizes from LAP (L$1200 Giftcard), pose packs from Olive Juice, pose stands from VR and Tillie, a photostage from AMS, a pose from aDORKable, L$2000 from What’s New SL and finally, my pic featured at On Your Toes \o/ I’ll show you the poses and the posestands/ photostage another time.

Ashia Tomsen (the brains behind Idiosyncrasy) sent me a notecard congratulating me for winning the contest (this was before I even knew I’d won!) I was so surprised I had to check the Flickr group and there, in the photo stream, was my entry titled ‘2009 SL Footwear Expo Flickr Contest Winner’ with the link to the official Footwear blog \o/ I’m still a little in shock! The rest of the day was spent in IM with IsabellaGrace Baroque (Olive Juice), Serenity Mercier (Creator of AMS Photostage), Vivian Rail (VR- Posestand Professional Kit), Tillie Ariantho (Tillie’s Posing Stand) (Not all at the same time lol) I also contacted Anatallia Honi, creator of Posies Pose Store to say thank you because it was one of her poses that I used in the pic, and she was so thankful she gave me two of her new poses \o/ I’ll show you the poses another time :)

The Fatpack that I chose from Idiosyncrasy is the Riley Fatpack skins in the Sunkissed tone because I love the colour so much! The skin with the dark red lips is by far one of my favourite skins that I own, the detail of the lips is just amazing, and the outline of the lipstick isnt harsh lines, it’s softer and looks a little smudged. Which I love :) I definitely think you should go and visit the store.


Hair- epoque ‘Get A Haircut’ (freebie)

Skin- Idiosyncrasy ‘Riley- Sunkissed’

Bikini- enSvale ‘Crossback Bikini’

Pose- Sunflower Poses