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To Write Love On Her Arms

Friday 13th November is To Write Love On Her Arms Day. It’s a non- profit movement which is to raise awareness and present hope for people struggling with depression, addiction, self- injury and suicide. Although I personally have never suffered from any of these, it has affected my friends. One of my old SL friends suffered seriously with self harm. While I was friends with her she was regularly cutting herself as a way to release any stress or depression she was feeling, usually triggered by her boyfriend. We lost contact now but according to her profile she’s left SL which is a shame. I just hope she is ok :S My partners daughter in rl suffers from depression, as far as I know she hasn’t had any bad moments lately. She’s happy now, settled with her bf, they have a little puppy and a baby is on its way \o/ (I’ll be an unofficial grandma! I’m only 24 lol :S)

I know that some people find SL as a way to get away from their RL problems, they can enter a virtual world where they can be someone totally different. In one way, using SL as an escape might help them for a short time, but eventually it will only make things worse because SL can affect your emotions more than people actually realise. I’ve had experiences in SL that have hurt and upset me, some people don’t realise that there are real people behind the computer with real feelings. That’s one of the downsides of SL. For me though, I owe everything to SL because it’s how I met my RL partner \o/ Thank you SL.

Anyways, Whisper Swansong has made a set of tattoos especially for this event. It is available through the Fabulously Free in SL group inworld. Basically people in SL that are participating in this event wear pixel tattoos with the word Love on their bodies. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on your arms. Here are the tattoos:


To write love on her arms

To write love on her arms big


Hair: STUFF ‘Emma Brunette’

Skin: Pink Fuel ‘Skye <chai> Scene’

Bikini Top: *~*evie*~* ‘Red Bikini’ (made by me, not released yet)

Pants: BOOM ‘Seaman Pants- Red Cross’

Shoes: BeetleBones ‘Satin Flats & Ribbons in White’

Tattoos: Whisper Swansong (Fabulously Free in SL group gift) ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’


(Sorry about the arse crack! lol)



2 thoughts on “To Write Love On Her Arms”

  1. I have had depression in the past and was on meds for it once… tho I have never self-harmed, I do know how bad it get for the sufferers and their loved ones. I hope there is more events like this in SL, to raise awareness of the reality of depression, but also mental health in general.

    Great tattooes :)

  2. I didn’t know about you having had depression. A lot of the people I’ve met in SL have either had or are suffering with it. I wish there was more about Epilepsy in SL as I have suffered for it for 5 or so years.

    The tattoos are lovely, if you want them join the Fabulously Free in SL group \o/

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