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Corpse Bride

We decided to have a Halloween Party at CAFE Andromeda last Tuesday. We made it a big event because the Japs had DJ Emeraldas Mills djing for them in the morning, so we decided to have DJ’s playing all the way through the day till 5pm slt. We had 6 DJ’s in total, myself included, and it was awesome. I had built a 2 prim dome and decorated the inside with cobwebs, spiders, a corpse and gravestones. There was a huge moon in the center of the ceiling with silhouettes of bats around it, and I’d also put up a rain emitter and a fog emitter. So it was wet, dark, foggy and creepy! The best thing about the whole party were the costumes that the vip’s wore. Everyone looked amazing. (I will add the pics to Flickr eventually)

I dressed Evie as a Corpse Bride (like in Tim Burton’s film- except Evie wasn’t blue). Evie wore a gorgeous white embroidered wedding dress that I had bought for her wedding but never wore. I needed a pale skin to make her look more like a corpse, and I found this one in my inventory from [the oBscene] vendor store at the Skin/ Shape Expo. I just had to add the stitched mouth and the infected corset from Blood & Scars, both of which reminded me of Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. To make the outfit complete I added the red tears from BP*.

All of these pictures were taken in the dome I made for the party. I might rezz it again on Friday 🙂

Corpse Bride1

Corpse Bride2

Corpse Bride3


Hair- Magika ‘Hoka Red’ (Lucky Chair)

Skin- [the oBscene] ‘AJA- nosebleed vamp’ (Skin/ Shape Expo freebie)

Eyes- CHAI Skins ‘Zombie Eyes’

Mouth- Blood & Scars ‘Stiched Mouth’

Chest- Blood & Scars ‘Infected Corset piercing’

Cheeks- BP* ‘hoppe/ cheeks/ tears/ chin’

Dress, shoes & veil- Rebel Hope ‘Chalise Flax Bridle Gown 11 (14 pieces)

Pose in 1st pic from Fluffy Model AO from Oracul and second & third poses from the ‘Poddy’s Happy Dance’


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