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I started making tank tops, vests and t-shirts recently and I like them heaps so gonna try flogging them :) I’m trying to find somewhere to rent so that I can set up a store, so hopefully they will be available soon. I haven’t got as far as making clothing with prim attachments yet, but hopefully one day I will learn :) I’m so excited about my clothes. Let my know what you think. They are reasonably priced too so won’t break your bank. It might break mine tho, uploading all the textures lol

I’ve been trying to work out how to display my items in a cost effective way. I want to make the store look really cool but to do so it will involve uploading more textures! I also need to decide on a decent logo. Any ideas? Let me know what you think of my clothes :D I’m also making some other stuff, I’ve made two chalkboard, one blank and one that says ‘I must not write dirty notes in class’ both are L$75. I’m thinking of other things to make too :D

Neon Halterneck pack- L$50 per top or L$200 for all 5.

halterneck neon

Dark Halterneck Pack- L$50 per top or L$200 for all 5

halterneck dark

Pastel Halterneck Pack- L$50 per top or L$200 for all 5

halterneck pastel

Blue Stars Vest Top- L$50

Pink Stars Vest Top- L$50

Pink & Blue stars vest

Button Tank Top- L$75

Button Tank

Still deciding on the name- L$75

purple design

I’m wearing

Hair: fri.day- ‘Cassie Cranky Brown /Cynical Black’

Skin- Skin- [Pink Fuel] ‘Skye – Scene’

Skirt- Skirt- Shit Luck ‘Low mini jeans skirt black plain’


6 thoughts on “*evie *

  1. Lobbie Riggles says:

    Wow sis cant wait to be able to bye them. my favs are the top set,3rd set, the blue with stars,and the bottom 1 hehe so most of them, WTG sis u have made some fab tops keep it up cant wait to see more :)

  2. Evie says:

    Sent them to you hun. You get special treatment cos you family lol Noone else gettin them free now :) Hehe Glad you like them

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