Second Life

Handwash in Cold Water

Special events like Expo’s and Fairs are great, loads of limited edition items made for the event and cool freebies, but of course, there’s always a downside… the major lag. Walking into the sky, bashing into walls, pushing avs, everything grey and all the other av’s appearing like white clouds make me wonder whether I can be bothered to go. Your so busy trying not to walk into things that you forget to look at the stores! This blog is about the Skin/ Shape Expo ’09 that’s running until Saturday 10th October. I went down there yesterday at around 5/6pm and was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t very busy. The was the odd person dotted around the sim, and there was still some lag, but I was able to walk/ fly round the sim. I headed straight for the Pink Fuel store to look at the awesome skins that Mochi Melina makes. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been wearing her skins non stop for the last few weeks (apart from when I changed it for the Suicide Girl blog). Mochi has made the ‘Skye’ skin especially for the Expo, so it isn’t available at the mainstore. It’s available in 4 different colour tones each with 19 make up options. I bought the <Chai> tone with the ‘Scene’ makeup option.

I also bought this new shape from Leafy called ‘Sugar’, which is available at the mainstore as well as the Expo. I didn’t need a new shape, and I wasn’t planning to buy one, but I love Leafy’s products so much I had to buy it. The shape is modify (woot) but I love the face so much I don’t want to edit it! The Sugar shape includes 7 shape variations, different length legs and size waist etc and also includes 12 eyebrow shapes. Evie is wearing the BodyShape 6 option. It was the curvy hips that caught my eye when I was looking in Kaethe‘s little store at the Expo. The previous shape Evie was wearing was thinner than this, so I decided I wanted a curvier shape but not really curvy that it makes her look fat/ pregnant!

The outfit has three of the same items as the last blog I did, the leather jacket from (Madsy), the necklace from Naith Smit and the boots from >TRUTH<. The rest of the outfit are new additions. The white mesh vest top and the black bracelet are two of the latest items that Dianne from [DIAPOP] sent me today. The detail on the back of the top isn’t visible because the image is so light, but it has a cute floral pattern at the bottom of the V shape. The mini skirt is from Shit Luck and looks very sexy with this outfit.

I just realised how much I’ve written! If your still reading this then you must be interested! lol

Hand wash in cold water

handwash in cold waterCredits

Hair- (VW) ‘Pushed & Shoved Blonde tones’

Skin- [Pink Fuel] ‘Skye <Chai>- Scene’

Shape- Leafy ‘Sugar’ (Body Shape 6)

Ears- Mystical ‘Mystic Ears: Pixie/ Naturals’

Bra- Pididdle ‘Pearl Girl bra Special Edition- Treasure’

Shirt- [DIAPOP] ‘Handwash in Cold Water’

Jacket- (Madsy) ‘Lost Sheep Leather Jacket & Sheer tanktop’

Skirt- Shit Luck ‘Low mini jeans skirt black plain’

Shoes- >TRUTH< ‘ Sophia Boots [midnight]’

Bracelet- [DIAPOP] ‘bracelet black’

Necklace- N.Smit ‘Rock’n’Rolla Gang Bang Chain’

Poses by Del May, [GD] and [LAP]