Two of the most over used words in my vocabulary! I’m always saying ‘omg’ for no reason, and I have a habit of typing ‘lol’ when I’m not actually laughing out loud. Maybe I just use it to be polite…

The reason why this blog is titled OMG LOL is because that’s what it says on the top that Evie is wearing. I <3 this top cos it’s so funky! I love the bright colours of the letters, and the length of it. It’s from C.Smit and is available in three colours- pink, black and grey, and there are two similar tops with the slogans ‘If you think I’m crazy you should meet my mother‘ and ‘Don’t hate me cos you ain’t me‘, which are equally as fabulous!

My theme today is ‘80’s Glam Rock’, which was inspired by the leather jacket from (Madsy) which I saw on the SLMode blog. It’s also where I saw this necklace, which is from Naith Smit. I like the layers of different beading in the necklace, and what’s awesome is that I can change the colour of the earrings in the pixie ears to match the necklace :)

I added the ‘Slick n Shiny’ leggings from &Bean to jazz the outfit up even more, and to make it look more 80’s style




Hair- (VW) ‘Pushed & Shoved Blonde tones’

Skin- Pink Fuel ‘Raine >Toffee< Rust’

Ears- Mystical ‘Mystic Ears: Pixie/ Naturals’

Jacket- (Madsy) ‘Lost Sheep Leather jacket & Sheer Tanktop’

Shirt- C.Smit ‘Longshirt OMG LOL black’

Leggings- &Bean ‘Slick n Shiny Blue’

Shoes- >TRUTH< ‘Sophia Boots Midnight’

Necklace- (NS) ‘Rock ‘n’ Rolla Gang Bang Chain’

Poses- [LAP] & Pididdle