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SL Ink

Ever since we got Sky+ last week, I’ve been loving LA Ink & Miami Ink! Kat Von D is just gorgeous, and she’s the inspiration for this blog. These pictures are the ones that inspired me- Kat Von D & Kat Von D2

I usually don’t like full sleeve tattoos, but ones Kat has looks sexy. It’s mainly on men that I don’t like, and I’m not really fond of colour tattoos. If you haven’t seen some of the tattoos that Kat has designed, you need to google the shows- LA Ink and Miami Ink, and google her too 😀 She is a very talented artist, and if/when I decide to have a tattoo (which will be a while) I’d love to have it done by her, but it would cost a bomb… and she’s in America! lol

I tried finding tattoos inworld that are like the ones she has but I couldn’t find identical ones. I did find some similar, but typical SL I didn’t have enough layers to wear them  😦 There should be more than just pants and underpants! It was a mission to find face tattoos, but then I remembered I had the freebie stars from Kittylicious that I got when Fashion Mode mall opened. Thinking about it now I could have tried drawing the tattoos on her in Photoshop. Nevermind.

I tried to make Evie look similar to Kat, but not exactly the same. Kat has long dark hair, and this is pretty much the only one I have that looks similar. I even gave her eyebrow shapes like Kat has! lol The tattoos are the same concept- full body ones, but different designs. The armbracer is not something Kat wears, but I thought it looked cool so added it anyways.

So these are the pictures I have created, hope you like them.

SL InkSL Ink1


Hair-  Mirai ‘.+*Daie*+. Chocolate latte’

Skin- [PF] ‘Raine <Toffee> Crush’

Bikini- Mauloa ‘Mauloa bikini BK + Point tattoo’

Jeans- Vette’s Boutique ‘ Beaten Jeans’

Chest Tattoo- Platinum Tattoos ‘Cheeky Devil Chest Tattoo’

Body Tattoo- Kanival ’83. Moon Night’

Face Tattoo- Kittylicious ‘Fashion Mode Freebie’

Earrings- [glow] Studio ‘OMG! earrings’

Arm Bracer- IrEn ‘Gift Arm bracer’